Today is Memorial Day and we must not forget those that fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Our freedom comes at a great cost to many, and we honor them today.  Yesterday I wrote about Memorial Day and honoring our heroes, and you can see that post, Remembering Our Heroes, here.

Yesterday afternoon we had our annual Memorial Day barbecue for our family and friends.  These little delicious gems were made from scratch by my friend Jessica and her daughter, and found their way to our party.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful cupcake?  I may or may not be eating one right now!


Over the years I have collected red, white, and blue buntings, flags, pennants, etc. for decorating our deck for our party.  It has come together very nicely, but if I add one more item, I will be flirting with tacky!


Costco never lets me down when picking out inexpensive flowers for my centerpiece!


I have this really good friend named Craig.  We met when I was a trainer at Worldgate Sport & Health and he was one of the members there.  We have the Virginia Tech alumni connection going on, so how could we not be best friends?


BTW, this bar is what my clients look at while they are working out (you can see the gym reflection in the mirror).  I’ll bet your gym doesn’t have a bar, and if it does, it’s a boring ballet bar!

Craig was looking around the party for the local celebs that have made it big as a result of my blog.  He pretty much made it clear that being featured on is high on his bucket list!  🙂

This morning I received this email from Craig, “Debbie you might consider adding me to your blog when you focus on life after running.  Something like, Craig’s running career ended after 30+ years.  He still works out 1.5 to 2 hours a day, seven days a week.  He readily admits there’s nothing like a running buzz, but a stair climber set at maximum speed (162 steps/minute) is the equivalent of a sprint without the impact.”  Craig, keep checking back and perhaps someday I’ll feature you and use your quote!  🙂

And finally, I think Bill was feeling very patriotic this morning when he made his bowl of cereal fruit!  If you look closely you can see a piece of cereal floating to the top!


Tomorrow I will be back on track with a running related post.  I’ll be talking about packing your bag for your next race, and what’s most important to take with you.

  • Questions:
  • What the prettiest cupcake you’ve ever seen in real life?
  • If you eat cereal, do you add fruit?
  • Did you work today?
Happy Running! ~ Deb