Last weekend Sue over at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes ran her first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon.  Afterward, she wrote your typical recap of the race; however, on Friday she wrote the best race recap that I’ve ever read.  If you don’t read any other race recap ever again, read this one, The REAL superstars of MCM.

Today I stocked up at Costco and got introduced to this little personal scanner.  When you walk into the store, you scan your Costco card and get a scanner.  As you go through the store you scan your merchandise as you put it in your cart.  When you’re finished you go through a special line, and once an employee counts the items in your cart against your scanner quantity, you pay and leave.  It seems very honor system’ish to me.  For example, what was to prevent me from scanning a $9 item several times and putting $20 items in my cart?  A Costco employee told me that their store is one of three in the country that is participating in this trial program.  Overall, I felt it was very easy to use and kind of fun, and would choose to use it again if I happen to shop at that store (I usually shop at a different Costco that isn’t as crowded).


After a few trail runs a couple of weeks ago, Bill and I fell in love with trail running and decided that we need to try out trail shoes.  We went to our favorite local running store on Sunday and we each found a pair we like.  Mine happen to be the black, green, pink, and white Asics Gel-Scout.  They look good and feel good, but I haven’t run in them yet.  I’ll keep you posted.


While in the store I saw this headband that I thought was funny.  You’ll see a similar poster when you read my 2011 Richmond Marathon recap on the the 16th.  I did buy a new headband in hot pink, because I’m tired of being dressed entirely in black during the winter!  I think this is the year for a new running jacket, too!


For the next three pictures, I want you to forget that I’m a personal trainer that writes a health and fitness blog…  And please don’t judge me!  😉  My family has a tradition that my dad started when I was a little tiny girl.  Dad volunteered at the local polling place on election day, and one year my mom just happened to make “fried apple pies” for dessert for when he got home late that night.  He loved them and asked Mom to make them the next year on election day and a tradition was born!  I don’t remember ever having them (or making them) any other day of the year.

Since I like you guys so much, I’ll share our secret family recipe.  Purchase Pillsbury pie crust, roll it out, and cut it into quarters.  Next spread apple butter, or a mixture of applesauce and cinnamon on each piece of dough.  Fold the dough over and seal the edges with a little water and press it down with a fork.


Fry these little guys in butter (yes, butter), and gently turn them once.


They would probably be delicious with ice cream, but I’ve never tried that.  I almost forgot them this year, but my “biggest election night fried apple pie fan” reminded me on Sunday night that he wanted them!


A few weeks ago I stopped by my clients’ house to see their new puppies.  I almost got licked and nipped to death, and regret not getting a video of so much puppy love!  Meet Bella…


And Millie!


And finally, I saw the most gorgeous and unusual clouds today around mid-day…


Which led to a spectacular sunset!


  • Questions:
  • What was the most humbling running event/runner you’ve seen at a race? ~ Team Hoyt (Dick and son Ryan) passed me in the 1998 Boston Marathon
  • What family food traditions do you have?
  • Who likes trail running?  Do you wear your regular running shoes or do you wear trail shoes?
Happy Running! ~ Deb