My Proudest Running Moment!

I’m linking up again this month with Amanda at The Lady Okie and Becka at Sunshine To The Square Inch for their Runner’s Tell All monthly link-up.  If you remember, I’ve previously written My Running Story In 250 Words and Favorite Running Gear And Products as part of their link-up.  This month their cue was to write about your favorite or proudest running moment.


Coming up with my proudest running moment was very easy for me; well, actually two moments immediately popped into my head.  Since I’m only supposed to write about one, I’ll talk about it a little more, but I really do want to mention my other proud moment.

Last summer our oldest son Joseph decided he wanted to run an ultramarathon, but due to a busy fall schedule he didn’t want to have to train through the fall.  I suggested organizing our very own ultramarathon, and The Crusiers’ 45-Mile Ultramarathon was born!  Joseph would be the only runner planning to run the entire length of the W&OD Trail; however, we would have Cruisers placed along the trail so that he always had a running buddy accompanying him.

At the end of a very hot and long day in July, Joseph crossed the finish line with his girlfriend (soon to be fiancé ) Julie, our family friend Beth, Bill, and me.

No parents have ever been happier than Bill and I were when we ran across the finish line with Joseph.

The event was a big undertaking, but totally worth it to be able to share such a great moment with our son!  Congrats, Joseph, we’re so proud of you!

Another very proud moment in my running career was back in 1998 when I coached for the National AIDS Marathon Training Program.  I started the training season with about 120 runners, mostly novices who had never run before. Using the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run Training Method these self-proclaimed non-runners built up their mileage and became marathoners.

On the day of the Marine Corps Marathon, I finished my race and then headed back to the bottom of the hill that leads up to the Iwo Jima Memorial and accompanied most of my runners (about 70) to the finish line.  Every one of my runners who started the race that morning, finished it!  One of my ladies was the very last runner to finish, but she finished!


Finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998


So there you have it, two of my proudest running moments…


  • Questions:
  • What have you done that you didn’t think possible?
  • What’s your proudest running or athletic moment?
  • What’s your most memorable running or athletic moment?


    • Yes, I am very proud of my BQ’s, too, but there’s just something about helping others reach their fitness goals! It’s why I chose to be a personal trainer.

  1. I love your interpretation of this month’s link-up! I still think it’s so awesome that you organized the Cruisers W&OD Ultramarathon and of course it’s awesome that Joseph ran 45 miles!! Not only can he brag that he has run an ultramarathon, but he can also say that he has run the entire W&OD Trail at one time.

    It also must have been such a great feeling to watch your running group progress through training, and then escort each of them across the finish line at MCM!
    Meagan recently posted…Runners Tell All: Proudest Running MomentMy Profile

  2. Great Stories. I can’t think off the top of my head what my proudest running moment is. First marathon, maybe? I had no idea what it would start but I was so glad I managed to do one!

    • You are so very welcome! Helping others get started on their road to being fit really is the best, isn’t it?

    • HaHa! Considering it was a 45-miler and he didn’t finish until almost 5 PM, it was a bit late for brunch! He didn’t want to go out, so we did carryout from his favorite pizza place.

    • Thanks, helping people achieve their goals is so very rewarding when you see the smile on their faces!

  3. I can’t believe that you set up an ultramarathon for your son! A few years ago some of my neighbors set up a 5k in our neighborhood and it seemed like a huge task. I can’t even imagine figuring out all of the logistics for an ultramarathon. Also, coaching such a big group of non-runners to run a marathon must have been super rewarding! Thanks for sharing these great running moments!

    • As the race director for an 8K for about six years, I can tell you that organizing the ultra was easier. I was basically coordinating a point-to-point run with friends. I didn’t have to worry about sponsors, a timing company, road closures, getting permits, hiring axillary police, etc…

  4. Those are some great moments! I’ve had a few this year – completing my first ever 10K, first ever 10 miler, first ever Tough Mudder and first ever obstacle race that I did every obstacle (this past Saturday). My first Spartan Race is this Saturday and first half marathon in September so I’m sure those will be added to the list when I’m done with them! ;)
    Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted…Face The Music Friday #39My Profile

    • You have so many running moments to be proud of, especially considering that you are a relatively new runner!

    • Thanks! I loved that your favorite running memory was running a race with your brother! We both had the family theme in mind. :-)

  5. Both of the moments you shared are so sweet! I’m sure it meant so much to your son to organize his very own ultramarathon. I think my proudest moment was completing my first 5k… I never thought I’d be able to do it, and it totally kick started me to challenge myself in new ways.
    Caroline recently posted…My First Runnerversary!My Profile

    • That’s awesome! I just tried to read your First Runnerversary post, but couldn’t connect. Happy Runnerversary!

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