It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… inside at least!  The temps got into the high-60’s this weekend so all of our snow has melted and after tomorrow’s relatively warm rain, it’s supposed to be dry through the week.  That means no white Christmas this year!

Inside is another matter, though!  I got pretty much all of our decorations put up the weekend after Thanksgiving when I avoided the mall, and preferred to get my decorating done instead.  If you’ve ever worked even one hour of retail, you probably have absolutely zero desire to be within a hundred miles of a store on Black Friday.  At least that’s how I feel!  Anyway, let me take you on a little tour of our Christmas decorations.  Our main tree, and only full size one, is in our family room…


Our bird tree is in our kitchen…


Our Virginia Tech tree is in our basement…


And the West Virginia University tree that I made for Daniel is in our basement, too…


One year I found this gorgeous large Holy family and wise men set on sale after Christmas, and display them in our living room so you can see them when you walk in our front door.


Photo courtesy of Bill

I put up a folk art nativity on the hunt board in our dining room…


Our Santa and Reindeer that my parents gave us years ago rests on the transition area between the family room and kitchen…


The gingerbread house I talked about last week and Santa baker are displayed on the baker’s rack in the kitchen…


A cardinal resting in a berry and ivy covered basket also decorates our baker’s rack…


During the holidays, our baker’s rack is also home to two Longaberger Christmas Collection baskets from the years the boys were born…


Mom and Dad gave us this snowcouple wreath a few years ago.  I put it on the door that year, but didn’t leave it there for long because I was afraid it would get ruined by the sun and rain.  These days I keep it hanging in the basement.  I was just too lazy to take a picture this year, so I used this one instead.


This is my elf that I’ve had since I was was about four.  In first grade I took him to school for show and tell.  All of the little boys laughed, but I didn’t understand why.  Let’s just say that my elf doesn’t do mischievous things at night like my Facebook friends’ Elf on a Shelf.  Apparently my elf has something else on his mind…


And on that classy note, I’ll close for today!

  • Questions:
  • Do you have any themed Christmas trees?
  • Do you enjoy shopping on Black Friday?
  • Do you have an Elf on a Shelf?  If so, how creative are you with his antics? ~ I’m grateful that my sons didn’t have one.  I’m afraid they would have been disappointed with their elf’s antics… or lack of antics!

9 replies on “It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. beach3519 says:

    Oooo, it’s so fun you have so many trees! I love the themed ones. We just have one tree with all of our most special ornaments.

    I definitely don’t enjoy shopping on Black Friday. It’s too much chaos for my organized mind. We’ve only done it a couple of times to get specific items that were a really good deal. I prefer Amazon. :)

  2. We do have an elf, but we don’t get crazy creative. I think the most creative I got was putting him in a bowl of marshmallows and told the boys he was taking a bath. Other than that he just perches on various shelves in the house. Love the various trees!

    • Deb Runs says:

      One of my cousins posts pictures every day of what her elves did the night before. Some of her ideas are amazing and I’ve decided that she got the creative genes in our family! :-)

  3. Love all your trees, and what a cute wreath! I wouldn’t want to leave that outside in the elements either!
    Up in canada we have Boxing Day on dec. 26, which is our version of Black Friday. Kelly and I usually go to a mall right when it opens and hit specific stores then get out of there!

  4. I LOVE your VT tree!! I just showed it to my husband and told him we need to put up an orange and maroon tree next year. He doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a new VT ornament waiting for him come Christmas morning. Merry Christmas, Debbie!

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