Every so often these fun little awards circulate in the blogosphere and give bloggers an opportunity to acknowledge other writers from their blogging community.  It’s a great way for bloggers to introduce their readers to some of the blogs they enjoy, and it’s a great way for readers to learn a little more about the writers behind the blogs they follow.

I was just bestowed such an award called the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award.  Thank you Elizabeth at My Neon Running Shoes and Courtney at Don’t Blink. Just Run for nominating me!  Both of you would be on my list to nominate had you not just received the award.

The Rules
1. Post the logo on your blog
2. Thank the person who nominated you
3. Answer the questions
4. Choose ten or so other ladies who blog as your nominees
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog

Favorite Color – Spa blue…  I find it very soothing.

Favorite animal – As much as I love cows, monkeys, and cats, I’d have to pick dogs as my favorite animals.  I know the names of all of the dogs that I pass on the running trail, but I don’t know their humans’ names.  If I were to go out today and adopt a dog, this is the guy I’d want to bring home!

Favorite non-alcoholic drink – I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say Dr. Pepper Ten was my favorite; however, I know how crappy I feel after drinking sodas (because it keeps me from drinking enough water), so I limit my intake to only a couple every few weeks.

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook…  I’m still on the learning curve with Twitter and have to remind myself to use it!

Favorite pattern – Fleur-de-lis…  I had to look this up to see if it really counted as a pattern and it does; although I’m showing it as an accent piece not a pattern.


Favorite number – 1734856857373845858…  I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved this number.  Just don’t ask me to repeat it!

Favorite Flower – Bleeding hearts…  We have these planted in our back and side yard flower gardens and I love when they bloom in the spring!


Photo courtesy of my hubby

What is your passion - Obviously since I am a personal trainer, running coach, and write a fitness blog, I’m passionate about health and fitness.  This may sound cliché, but I’m also passionate about people.  I enjoy working with my clients, helping them become the best that they can be, and encouraging them to make good decisions.  And of course I’m passionate about my family.  My family always comes first!

And now it’s my turn to spread the love! Since this is the third time I’ve had to pick other bloggers to acknowledge, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling, I want to first give a shout-out to the bloggers that I chose in my previous two posts for the Liebster Award and the Sunshine Award.  Ladies, you know that I enjoy your blogs, but I’ve decided not to do any repeats this time and I hope you understand.

So without further ado, I am nominating the following ladies for writing blogs that I enjoy following!  I hope that you will pop over and check them out!

Becky at Running On Happy
Debbie at Live From La Quinta
Kristen at Real Food For Fuel
Cori at OliveToRun
Sue at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes
Kristina at Kris On Fitness
Kristen at Run Away With Me

Happy running!

  • Questions:
  • Do you follow any of these blogs?
  • Bloggers:  What do yo REALLY think of these awards?
  • Readers:  Do you enjoy reading these types of posts?

18 replies on “Sisterhood”

  1. bemomstrong says:

    I think this was a fun post- let’s you really see into the blogger!

  2. I also love these posts so you can learn more about a blogger!
    My parents have a bleeding heart; they’re such a unique flower!

  3. beach3519 says:

    I follow Cori, but haven’t heard of the others. I’ll have to check them out.

    Your favorite number is crazy!! And I love the spa blue. It is very, very soothing.

  4. Love bloggy awards and learning about my favorite bloggers. I’ll have to check out some of the ‘new-to-me’ bloggers on your list!

  5. Thanks for nominating me! I’m honored. I look forward to checking out the other blogs that were nominated. Most are new to me.

    I love those Bleeding Heart flowers! They are so beautiful. I notice that in addition to looking like hearts,they also look like the Wendy’s logo little girl. Do you see it? (Of course I’m the one that sees sharks in the clouds and faces in the mountains)

  6. kristenk says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I love reading your blog as well :) I’m excited to do this blog post next week!

  7. Meagan says:

    Aww it’s like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants :) or at least it makes me think of that! I follow two of the blogs that you nominated, so I will have to check the other ones out. I like your idea of nominating blogs that you hadn’t previously nominated for other awards.

    I think awards like this one are fun, and often they lead to me finding a new friend in the blogosphere.

    I’d never seen bleeding heart flowers before. They’re pretty!

    • Deb Runs says:

      Aren’t the bleeding hearts gorgeous? They come back on their own every year in the spring, and I cut back the yellowing leaves in late June. They’re so easy and yet so gorgeous!

  8. I am totally with you on the Twitter thing. I have an account but rarely use it. It just moves too fast for me :) I actually enjoy posts like this. One being you discover new to you blogs and get to find out a little more about the blogger you are following. I will definitely check out these blogs. I love finding new ones to follow.

  9. Just found your blog, great day to have this up, I love learning about new running bloggers. have a great Sunday=)

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