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It’s February: Are You Taking Care Of Your Heart?

February is American Heart Month and an excellent time to take stock of your heart health.  To help make the necessary adjustments to get you on the right track to better health, the American Heart Association (AHA) has set up recommendations for physical activity and has laid it all out clearly in the following infographic. […]


Equipment Ideas For Your Home Or Office Gym

Recently, a friend reached out to me for help setting up a gym at her office.  Her company is converting an empty office into a workout room and she called me to get some equipment ideas for what she should buy to get the most bang for her company’s buck.  We talked for a few […]


Fun in the Sun!

DebRuns editors note:  Julie wrote and submitted this post before Joseph’s weekend proposal… Hey everyone, Julie here!  When Deb asked me to guest post again I was thrilled – I’ve missed you guys!!! Last week, I was on a vacation of my own.  My large (there were 26 of us total – and that isn’t […]


Healthy Foundations

I just learned that my alma mater Virginia Tech is ranked at number three in The 25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S. on  The author Nicole McDermott sites exercise incentive programs and contests where winning students are rewarded with free personal training sessions and exercise passes as one of the reasons VT received this […]


Running and Fitness Apps

Since we can’t go without our phones for more than two minutes, we should use them to our advantage when running. Right? Here are some running and fitness apps that I use or that I’ve heard about from friends. Please add your favorite apps in the comment section below. Track outdoor fitness activities, and connect […]

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