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Living Healthy At The Beach

Bill and I are heading to the beach as I type, so I thought that today would be a good day to talk about surviving vacations while maintaining a little bit of a healthy lifestyle! I wrote this last year, so long-time-readers, this is a rerun; or as I prefer to say, “It’s a gently […]


Ten Reasons Why We Should Drink Our Water

When was the last time you felt totally hydrated?  Truly HYDRATED?  Today I’m going to talk about why water is so important to us.  In fact, I’ll give you ten reasons to drink plenty of water (in no particular order).   Water plumps up our cells and makes our skin look much healthier.  Dehydration reduces our […]


Preparing for the Heat

Today’s temperature is expected to climb above 85 degrees here in the mid-Atlantic region after a spring of slightly below normal temperatures.  This is a time when runners struggle… We need to acclimate our bodies to the heat and humidity and we should expect our runs to be a little less than stellar for about […]

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