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Key Workout Tools that Aid in Injury Recovery

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links…   Homework is Essential for Recovery As I recover from an injury with the expert guidance of my physical therapist Ashley, it is my responsibility to do my homework. Ashley is a key part of my rehab, but the greater responsibility lies on my shoulders. If I don’t do […]


Why I’m Taking A Break From Inversion Therapy

The Initial Injury Back in the winter of 2012 I experienced a debilitating back injury which resulted in sciatic nerve pain in my entire right leg. It was pain like nothing I had ever experienced even though the back injury itself ended up being relatively minor. The injury was so minor in fact, that I […]


When A Run Turns Into A Walk

You wake up and it’s light outside and that just doesn’t seem right… Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:56 – just four minutes before I was supposed to meet my running friends.  I had changed the time on my alarm to the correct wake-up time, but I’d failed to actually turn it on.  I […]

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