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Meet Elite Virginia Runner and Potomac River Running Store Owner Ray Pugsley

  I first met Ray Pugsley shortly after he and his wife Cathy – along with Cathy’s sister and husband – opened one of their two first Potomac River Running Stores in Ashburn, Virginia in 2003. At the time, I was coaching marathoners for Worldgate Sport & Health and approached Ray and Cathy to see […]


Suzanne Medairy:  Ultramarathon Runner Turned Ironman

I first met Suzanne when she was the race director of the TKO Melanoma 5K, a race near and dear to my heart. Previously, we had chatted online when she had some questions regarding my JFK 50-Miler plaque. It intrigued me that Suzanne, a runner herself, had transitioned from running an ultra into completing triathlons, […]

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