In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s focus will be on the color green, and Leprechauns…

My legs felt great this morning after my 15-mile run yesterday with Beth, so I decided to go on an easy 6-mile run with my Sunday morning BRF’s Susan and Shawn.  I’m feeling a comeback, baby! I really do think it’s the increased core exercises I’ve been doing lately that are supporting my running habit (pun intended).    🙂

This morning on my run I saw lots of dogs, lots and lots of dogs. I kept hoping I would see one with a St. Paddy’s day scarf or something so I could take a picture to post, but the local dogs must not be Irish. I did see this cute little dude on facebook, and SO wish I’d bumped into him today!


Before I came inside from my run, I stopped by the creek in my back yard and admired the green grass that is starting to grow.  Yes, spring is just around the corner!


Post-run I decided to have a little green juice…


A while back, I was purchasing plants at my local nursery, and saw this four leaf clover at the check-out counter.  They found it growing wild outside, and transplanted it into a Styrofoam cup.  What a fun idea!


Last night my son and his girlfriend made the world’s best guacamole!  I added a little Coconut Crusher (coconut tequila, pineapple juice, and lime) to make it more fun!  We discussed what are the best foods to use to shovel this fabulous concoction into our mouths.  I suggested carrots, cucumbers, or pepper slices.  We used chips…    🙂


For our guacamole we used cilantro.  Doesn’t everything taste better with cilantro?


I love squeezing a little lime juice on foods and in drinks for flavor…


For a mid-day snack, my hubby and I had green grapes.  They really do look much better than this picture makes them look!


Mmmm…  And edamame for a little green protein!


And an avacado!


I took pictures of these donuts at the grocery store last week, but refrained from buying any.


If I were going to eat a donut, it would no doubt be a Bavarian cream.  When I was in college I loved going to Carol Lee Donuts on College Avenue in Blacksburg.  They’ve moved their store to the other side of town, but their donuts are still just as good!  Occasionally, we stop and get their donuts for our tailgates. I think it would be disappointed eating donuts anywhere else!


I did; however, enjoy a Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwich for dessert!


My facebook friends know how much I LOVE corny “Walked into a Bar Jokes,” so in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I posted this one today:  A leprechaun walks into a bar. The bartender gives him a beer and says, “That’ll be $2.50.” The leprechaun puts two dollar bills on the bar and starts walking away. The bartender shouts, “You’re a little short!”

On this St. Patrick’s Day I will leave my followers and fellow fitness/runner bloggers with this thought:


  • Questions:
  • Did you run in a St. Patrick’s Day race today or yesterday?
  • If you have a dog, do you dress him up for holidays?
  • What is your favorite healthy green thing to eat?
Happy Running! ~ Deb