Today’s post will be short and sweet, but I would be remiss not to wish all of my readers a Happy Hug A Runner Day!

The above photo  shows exactly why I do what I do!  That’s Jessica (one of my clients) in the photo above…  In June 2012 she told me that she wanted to start running, and had downloaded C25K (Couch to 5K) on her phone.  That MADE. MY. DAY!  Her plan was to start the program running through each week’s assignments for two weeks instead of one as she worked her way toward a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot.  It sounded like a good plan to me, so I didn’t mess with it.

In addition to our regular strength training sessions, we met to run together so I could check her form and push her a little more than she would push herself entertain her by talking non-stop and make the time go by faster.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving morning and we ran our local 5K Turkey Trot together.  Jessica did great, and at the finish line her daughter snapped this photo of us!  As a coach, I’ve had many moments like this, but this is the only one I have captured so beautifully in a photograph.

I’m sending virtual hugs your way!  And before you do another thing, go find a runner to hug!


  • Questions:
  • Have you hugged a runner today?
  • Did you run today?
  • Who’s your favorite runner? ~ My hubby, of course!
Happy Running! ~ Deb