Let’s face it, I’m human and even though I work with clients daily on how to help them reach or maintain their weight loss goals, I may need a nudge now and then to remind me to practice what I preach.

After slipping a little with our eating habits over the holidays, Bill and I have been joking around that we need to go on a chicken and broccoli diet…


Our son Daniel’s friend has started body building and competing, and has gotten his body fat down to about 2-3%. When Daniel showed us pictures of his friend from “before and after,” I comment that he was probably only eating chicken and broccoli, right as Daniel said, “I think he only eats chicken and broccoli.” I know that’s not entirely true, but having worked in a gym for years, I’ve watched several trainer friends eating mostly those two foods during competition. 

I’m really not going on a chicken and broccoli diet, but here are five tips that I’ll use to help me refocus, starting tomorrow today…


  1. I’ll think about what I’m about to eat, and how it will fuel my body.

2.  I’ll strive to eat a variety of colors as I mentioned in my 2016 goals.

3.  I’ll make sure I stay well hydrated since it’s easy to mistake dehydration for hunger.

4.  I’ll go back to eating eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, and dump my recent dry cereal habit.

5.  I’ll remember that treats are just that – treats, and not meant for everyday consumption.


Following these tips for just a few days will make me feel better, and certainly less sluggish. It’s amazing how quickly my body responds when it’s fueled properly, so why not treat it to premium fuel! 


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  • Questions:
  • How are your eating habits?
  • Do you stop and think about what you’re eating, and how it will fuel your body?
  • Are you racing this weekend?
Happy Running! ~ Deb