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I’m joining Coco at Running With Perserverance, Deborah at Confessions Of A Mother Runner, and Lynda at Fitness Mom Wine Country for the first time for their monthly Ultimate Coffee Date linkup!  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a cup of coffee and to say hello; and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers who are participating in the linkup.


The Ultimate Coffee Date


If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that I don’t like coffee, but I do have very wonderful memories of waking up to the deliciously intoxicating aroma of coffee wafting under my bedroom door when I lived with my grandmother.

If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that even though I have zero interest in horse racing the rest of the year, I get very excited to watch the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes every spring, and hold out hope for a Triple Crown winner.  I can’t wait for this afternoon’s running in the Kentucky Derby!

If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Bill and I are in a major organizational mode, and have finally tackled our library/office, and are hoping to wrap it up this weekend.  I’m going to be so organized with my own blogging space that my post are going to ooze creativity and professionalism, and I’ll probably win a Pulitzer Prize.

If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you I’m a week or two behind my usual schedule for getting my deck container flowers planted, and have given myself a deadline of next Friday!  If I don’t get them purchased and planted by then, I just won’t know who I am anymore! 🙂

If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Bill and I are empty nesters, and love this stage of our lives; but every time one of our sons or daughter-in-law stops by, our hearts do a happy dance.

If we were having coffee…..
I’d tell you that Bill and I have a very old fashioned tradition of where every Friday, I have a cocktail waiting for him when he pulls his car into the garage.  Cheers!



  • Questions:
  • What would you tell me if we were having coffee?
  • If you have children, how old are they? ~ Our young adult sons are in their mid-twenties.
  • Did you race this morning?


Happy Running! ~ Deb


  1. May 2, 2015    

    Deb, we have the same counter and backsplash in our kitchen! Freaky! I haven’t filled the pots around the pool and it looks so barren out there. But, I did get some plants yesterday for that purpose. I’ve been a total slacker with my yard work so far this year. At least the grass is pretty. I love your Friday tradition!

    HoHo Runs recently posted…Coffee Talk (May Edition)My Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      Too cool that we have the same granite countertop, and marble backsplash. We both obviously have great taste! 🙂

      Our spring has been unseasonably cool, and that’s one of the reasons I’m so far behind with planting my flowers. That, and laziness!

  2. May 2, 2015    

    I”m going to try to go to the Belmont Stakes this year. I say I’m going to go every year and never end up actually doing it!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…The Ultimate Coffee Date – MayMy Profile

  3. May 2, 2015    

    Love your old-fashioned tradition of having a drink waiting for Bill on Fridays…so cute!
    Also love that your daughter-in-law stops by.
    If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking a hot chocolate and I’d tell you how much I adore being a mom and then we’d swap baby stories!
    Abby recently posted…CurrentlyMy Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      And I would flood you with stories of how wonderful it is raising little boys! 🙂

  4. May 2, 2015    

    Wow! I can’t imagine yet being an empty nester – we just hit the teenage years… I love your Friday tradition! Happy coffee date – nice to visit.
    Carrie@familyfitnessfood.com recently posted…May Ultimate Coffee DateMy Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      The teenage years will fly by! And yes, our Friday happy hour tradition is a fun one!

  5. May 2, 2015    

    no race this morning, but doing a 5k tomorrow morning and the weather looks like it will be amazing! i am not a coffee fan either.
    Glenneth recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – MayMy Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      Have fun at your 5K tomorrow!

  6. I haven’t done any planting yet either! If you want to organize anything else let me know :). Hope you are out enjoying this beautiful day. Thanks for joining us for coffee I love to write and read these posts.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date-MayMy Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      Bill and I spent the afternoon in a boat on Lake Audubon in Reston drinking wine with one of my Cruiser/MRTT friends and her husband, so yes, we enjoyed the beautiful weather! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. May 2, 2015    

    My kids are in junior high and high school so we will not be empty nesters for a while. In France, if they study in Paris, they often stay at home for a while. So it could be that they are around for another few years. Hard to fathom that in theory, my eldest could be gone from the home in 2 years. Scary and sad !

    Friday night drinks with hubby sounds like a wonderful tradition. Have a great weekend.
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…Virtual coffee date : May 2015, big news !My Profile

    • May 3, 2015    

      Being empty nesters really is a fun phase of our lives. Both of our sons live within a 30-minute drive and like to workout in our home gym, so we’re lucky enough to see them several times a week. 🙂

  8. Kim Kim
    May 2, 2015    

    These posts are so much fun!!!
    I love you and Bill’s Friday tradition – we have a version of that – Chris often has a drink chilling in the fridge for me when I get home:)
    Kim recently posted…Do You Live in a Walking Town?My Profile

    • May 2, 2015    

      No matter who makes it, it’s a wonderful tradition to unwind from the week together!

  9. May 3, 2015    

    The hubby and I are emptynesters too! Love it! We do grin from ear to ear when one of the kids comes by to visit! I love Friday cocktails and the Kentucky derby- I watched yesterday and my pick came in 4th, oh well, I will pick again next year! Cheers to all your organization and a nice weekend!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…May Ultimate Coffee DateMy Profile

    • May 3, 2015    

      Isn’t it fun having young adult children? I absolutely love it!

      I didn’t even catch the name of the horse I was cheering for. His jockey was in the pink shirt, and it looked like he was in the lead, but got passed at the end. Oh well!

  10. May 3, 2015    

    You’d confess us you don’t like coffee in the middle of a coffee meeting? So cruel… hahah!
    Lily Lau recently posted…Breathtaking collection of landscape photos of Norway by Paul EdmundsonMy Profile

    • May 3, 2015    

      But I’d offer you a choice of coffee, hot chocolate, or water! 🙂

  11. May 3, 2015    

    This was fun to read! My parents are empty nesters – my siblings and I are in our 20’s and 30’s. I have a similar garden on my deck – started everything from seeds so I’m nervous/excited to see what happens! I love the idea of a cocktail on Friday!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – May 2015My Profile

    • May 3, 2015    

      I hope you get a great crop out of your little garden. We used to plant strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. but the squirrel and deer ate everything (even though it was fenced in). Now I just plan things on my deck that I know the groundhog doesn’t like.

  12. May 3, 2015    

    I’d tell you that I poured Coke Zero into a coffee cup to preserve the illusion. I’d also tell you that I can’t believe Elise’s junior season is one regular-season game and the state playoffs from being over!

    Elise is 17, Marie 14 and Grace 10. Hard to believe.

    No racing this morning, but I did make pancakes.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted…Go Ask Daddy About Fierce Mythical Hares and Presidents Who Look Like UsMy Profile

    • May 3, 2015    

      Yummmm….. pancakes! And yes, our children grow up so very quickly!

  13. May 3, 2015    

    If we were having coffee I’d also agree that most of the year I don’t care about horse racing 🙂 I’d tell you the in depth story of my crash (literally) and burn at mile 10 of yesterday’s trail half. And I’d ask for your cup of coffee after finishing mine, since you don’t like it!

    As far as the newly organized and dedicated blogging space? Well I say let your freak flag fly and go for the Pulitzer! 🙂

    • May 3, 2015    

      And I would get out an ice-pack to put on your bruise while you were enjoying two coffees and I enjoyed my water. Hope you heal quickly!

  14. May 3, 2015    

    I need to visit my parents more – they are just thirty minutes away and I love spending time with them. Luckily, we’ll see them for lunch next weekend. 🙂 Love your Friday tradition!
    Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC recently posted…Lifetime Indoor Triathlon RecapMy Profile

    • May 4, 2015    

      I’m sure your parents are very much looking forward to your visit! 🙂

  15. Ooo, a fun blogging space! I love it! I need to reorganize my running stuff, yet again. I get exhausted from all my training and events and shenanigans and just tend to throw stuff in my drawer or office when I unpack. I know where stuff is, but really need to be better about keeping it in a “home”.
    Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted…Face The Music Friday #72My Profile

    • May 4, 2015    

      It drives me nuts when I don’t put something back where it belongs, and then I waste a lot of time looking for it. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s maddening!

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