I am going to start a new series called Picture This _______ Run.  It will be a series of pictures from runs from an area taken on a single run, or over a series of many runs.

I won’t call it Rave Runs because David Willey, editor-in-chief of Runner’s World, said, “I wish you wouldn’t do that,” when I mentioned to him that I name my Facebook albums about my favorite runs, Rave Runs.  Out of respect for him and Runner’s World, I won’t…   😉


David Willey signing his book, Going Long, for me at the 2010 Boston Marathon Expo

Today’s Picture This Beach Run starts at mile marker 13 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and at a favorite hang-out spot for these pelicans and seagulls.  It’s the turn-around point for Bill and me on many of our beach runs…


We always see plenty of seagulls walking along the water’s edge…


Or flying overhead…


Sometimes we drive north and park next to the North Carolina / Virginia border and run through the wildlife refuge…


And into False Cape State Park…


If we don’t want to run along the shore line, we can run on a sand road such as this one to Wash Woods boat dock and the Ranger’s Quarters…


If I’m lucky, I might see a handsome man running toward me…  😉


Or see a seagull enjoying a sunrise on another day…


Or have to jump out of the way of some horses enjoying a morning run…
Sorry that this picture is a rerun from my Running With The Horses post in June.


If it were all the way back in 1988, I might see a buffalo walking up the beach!  A guy north of us had buffalo and cattle and occasionally they would escape and wonder the beach…


  • Questions:
  • Where’s your favorite Picture This Run?
  • Have you ever run on the beach?
  • Have you ever seen a buffalo walking along the beach?  
Happy Running! ~ Deb