My friend Erin just added the most amazing piece of equipment to her running gear collection, a selfie stick…  Yes, I said it, a selfie stick… complete with a Bluetooth remote control.


Photo courtesy of Erin

For months, our MRTT group and I have been posting group-run selfies that Erin is kind enough to take.  I let her think that her arms were longer than mine, so I wouldn’t be the person in front.  It’s scary up there, people!  Noses are bigger, wrinkles are more prominent, and sometimes half of your face falls off!


Photo courtesy of Erin

On our Thursday run, I mentioned that I saw a picture on Instagram that looked like it had been taken with a selfie stick because the camera wasn’t right in front of the photographer’s face.  Erin went home and ordered this one from Amazon for less than $10; and then posted to our Facebook page that it was on it’s way!  The girls were all atwitter!

Bright and early Saturday morning we met for our first group run with Erin’s fabulous new piece of equipment.  And of course, I had to document the historic moment that Erin took her first MRTT selfie with her new stick.

And here’s the beautiful finished product!  Isn’t it wonderful to see Erin’s entire beautiful face?


Photo courtesy of Erin

After our run, when all of the runners got back to the parking lot, Erin took our first ever group selfie.  I’m sure it won’t be the last!


Photo courtesy of Erin

We were so excited about the selfie stick that we jumped for joy!


  • Questions:
  • Did you even know that such a thing as a selfie stick existed?
  • Who raced this weekend?
Happy Running! ~ Deb