Just like the rather bland weather of this past week, my workouts were equally nondescript. At the risk of sounding like a little old lady who loves nothing more than talking about her aches and pains, I’ll mention that I had minor surgery on my arm on Tuesday to remove a basal cell carcinoma – my fiftieth, and no, I’m not kidding. As a result, I had to limit my workouts for the following 48 hours. 

View from my dermatologist’s window

Tuesday morning prior to my doctor’s visit I ran with my friends, lifted weights, and pumped out some solid sun salutations knowing that I’d be laying low for a day or two. Wednesday I attempted doing yoga basics with my BYF Rodney Yee. I substituted several of the moves that put pressure on my bicep with another pose and made it through the session without too much trouble.

My reason for skipping Thursday’s run was two-fold – I wanted to give my body that last day of rest per the doctor’s orders and I wanted to get a few extra hours of sleep since I had a race on Saturday morning. Even though I’m consistently getting closer to seven hour sleep per night, my numbers are all over the place – one night four and a half hours sleep and the next night eight hours. I’ll share more on that on Thursday on my post about sleep and running performance. 

Skipping ahead to Saturday morning and the For The Love Of It 10K, I put together this light blue and gray outfit and loved the way it matched. My friends teased me because I didn’t dress in a Valentine themed outfit and tried to circle me in Valentine love!


The race was a lot of fun and I placed second in my age group with a time of 52:12 (8:24 pace). I hope to get my race recap up on Tuesday or Wednesday, so be sure to come back for the nitty gritty on this cold, but very fun morning!

Photo credit: Sarah

At the race I finally got to meet Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner. Afterward we went to a local Starbucks for coffee (hot chocolate for me). It was delightful finally meeting Deborah, and yes, she’s just as nice and fun in real life as she is on her blog!


After an afternoon of chilling, running errands, and going to church, Bill and I spent Saturday evening watching TV. If marathon watching multiple episodes of Downton Abbey was a sport, I’d have to rein it in for fear of an overuse injury. Last winter we watched Mad Men, and the contrast between the eras and lifestyles of the two shows is fascinating. We’re in the third season and at the rate we’re going, we’ll be finished in another couple of weeks.

No Downton Abbey for us this evening, though; tonight’s it’s all about the Super Bowl and the delicious snacks that go along with it! I have zero skin in the game this year, but at least I know who’s playing! Go Faltriots! Go Pacons! 😉

Here’s how my workout week went down and as you can see, I put some effort into moving my workouts around my two scheduled days off…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included: 

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • What TV series should we watch next on either Apple TV or Netflix?
  • What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack? ~ Tex Mex layer dip for me!
  • Did you race this weekend? 


Have a great week!

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Happy Running! ~ Deb