~ Runfessions ~
A collection of statements admitting
that one is guilty of a variety of running crimes…


I runfess:  I’ve done it again! I overdid it with my gardening last weekend and aggravated my SI joint. As a result, I’ve spent the week doing bridges, cat/cows, knee-to-chest hugs, hanging on my inversion board (affiliate link), easing up on my weights during my lifting sessions, icing, and not running. Things are coming along slowly, but I’m hopeful…


I runfess:  I’m extra cranky because I couldn’t get an appointment to see my favorite miracle worker sports medicine chiropractor until next Thursday!


I runfess:  I am experiencing major runvy (run envy); so much so that I temporarily turned off my MRTT notifications on Facebook. The pain is real when I see pictures of my friends running and laughing after their runs. Wah wah wahhhhh!


I runfess:  On the flip side, I’ve kind of enjoyed sleeping in on the mornings that I would have gotten up at 4:30 to run at 5:30.  🙂


I runfess:  I bought two huge bags of Skinny Pop popcorn today at Costco. Skinny Pop is my Achilles’ heel of foods (that and mint chocolate chip ice cream). I’m not even running at the moment so I can’t even pretend such needless snacking is carbo-loading. Why do I do this to myself?       


I runfess:  That I am going to be an opportunist and invite you to join my Race Linkup which will go live at 12 AM Monday morning. You can link up your race schedule every month or only when you register for an additional race – you choose how often you want to get your schedule out there for other runners to see. The goal is for everyone to see who else will be our next race so we can arrange meet-ups with other bloggers and our readers. 


Ahhh yes, it feels good to get another set of runfessions off of my chest. See you next month in the runfessional.


  • Questions:
  • Do you experience runvy when you can’t run?
  • How many hours sleep do you get per night? How many do you need? ~ I used to get five hours per night, but have been working very hard toward getting seven. 
  • What are your runfessions?




Today I’m linking up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice for her monthly Runfessions linkup.  Be sure to check out her blog and those of the other great bloggers linking up.


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Happy Running! ~ Deb