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Fun in the Sun!

DebRuns editors note:  Julie wrote and submitted this post before Joseph’s weekend proposal… Hey everyone, Julie here!  When Deb asked me to guest post again I was thrilled – I’ve missed you guys!!! Last week, I was on a vacation of my own.  My large (there were 26 of us total – and that isn’t […]


It’s A Runner Thing

We’re a quirky bunch, we runners…  We do odd little things and don’t think twice about it, yet our non-running friends think we’re nuts.  When I tell my friends something about a one of my runs and they don’t understand, I say, “Never mind, it’s a runner thing.”  So buckle your seat belts, sit back, […]


Cruisers Rock Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon

Today was a huge day for the Cruisers!!! First I want to give a shout-out to Vamshi, Amanda, and Kim for their great performances at the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half-Marathon in D.C. this morning! All three Cruisers did great, and two set a new PR! Back home, Bill and I met Beth on the […]

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