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Favorite Running Gear And Products

I’ve decided to be one of the cool kids again this month and join in the fun with Amanda and Becka for their Runner’s Tell All Monthly link-up.  If you remember, last month I wrote My Running Story In 250 Words as part of their link-up.  This month their cue was to write about your […]


How Could I Do That?

Remember how excited I was yesterday to get my new sunglasses?  This morning I took them with me on my run, but since we started at 5:55 and it was still kind of dark, I didn’t need them, so I put them on top of my visor like I often do.  Five minutes into our […]


Sporting New Oakleys

Thank you everyone for the anniversary wishes!  We had a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant and even had our youngest son Daniel join us.  I don’t talk about Daniel as much because he’s a tennis player, not a runner; and I write a running blog, not a tennis blog.  🙂  Joseph was away on […]

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