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1998 And 2002 Sunrise 5K Race Recaps

Shortly after I was hired as a trainer for Worldgate Sport & Health, the annul Sunrise 5K, sponsored by Worldgate and conducted by the DC Road Runners Club, was held. I hadn’t planned to run it – it was only a 5K and at the time I had never run a race that short, instead […]


The Cruisers, And How They Came To Be

I took over the marathon coaching position at Worldgate Sport and Health in the summer of 2000, and held it until I left the corporate gym world to start my own personal training business in the fall of 2006. When I left, Worldgate had no coach to replace my position, so I offered to allow […]


Yoga Blogger in the Making

Meet Jerome…  We ran together when I coached him at Worldgate Sport & Health; and he stayed with me when I retired from “official” coaching and formed our fun little running/social group.  In fact, he’s the one that named us the Cruisers. Over time Jerome was plagued with a number of injuries and eventually decided […]

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