Today I’m linking up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice for her monthly Runfessions linkup.  Be sure to check out her blog and those of the other great bloggers linking up, too.


~ Runfession ~
A formal statement admitting that one is guilty
of a particular running crime.


I runfess:  There are days when I don’t want to go out for a run, but I do so I can play with my GoPro. 

I runfess:  During the winter I wear my running jacket a couple of days without washing it, but recently learned that my running friends wash theirs after every run.

I runfess:  Even though I am known for running in shorts and a short sleeved shirt when it’s only 38Β° outside, my hands freeze without gloves covered by mittens.

I runfess:  I have not gotten up to run with my 5:30 AM running friends since before Christmas. Last Friday’s 6 AM run was the only early morning run I’ve been on in 2016.

I runfess:  I haven’t trudged through my back yard to the trail to see if the snow is packed down enough for me to run on it. 

I runfess:  When my Garmin couldn’t find a signal on a run a few weeks ago, I didn’t freak out. Who am I?

I runfess:  I just happen to know that it’s 123 days until National Running Day, and I’m already planning our celebration!

I runfess:  It made my day this afternoon when Don’s Johns started following me on Twitter. What is it with runners and porta potties? 


  • Questions:
  • What are your runfessions?
  • Do you wash your running jacket after every run?
  • Are you racing this weekend?


Happy Running! ~ Deb