I did pretty much nothing fitness wise other than make sure to do my five-minute planks on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. As I mentioned last week, we spent Sunday in the car driving home from my mom’s house and once we got home, I had grocery shopping to do, Christmas Eve mass to attend, and lots of fun family time until our midnight retreat to our chambers where Bill flew to the window like a flash to see the raccoons and fox dancing and prancing on the deck below.

As expected, Christmas day was packed with lots of family time. After we opened our gifts, Bill suggested a GoPro selfie – there’s always one goofball in every family! We did get one really good picture, but it’s not nearly as fun!


Tuesday I recovered from all of the holiday festivities and didn’t even get up to meet my running friends. I have two buttons, on and off, and spent Tuesday very happily in the off position (every once in a while I have to recharge, LOL). I read, chilled, made a big delicious dinner, and ate a few more cookies.

Wednesday I decided to get myself in gear and headed out for an early afternoon run. It was cold, but the sun warmed me up nicely and as long as I stayed out of the wind, I was very comfortable. I gave my new Airpods (affiliate link) Bill had give me a try and loved them! If you’re looking for wireless earbuds and have an iPhone, definitely consider these. The sound is amazing!


Thursday morning, like nuts, Angela and I met at 6 AM to run when the temperature was 11° and the wind chill was -5°. Angela was impressed that I had on long pants and not capris. I think she almost fainted when I told her that I had a long sleeved shirt on under my jacket. Normally if I wear a regular jacket when I run, I have to wear short sleeves or a tank underneath or I get too hot. We saw lots of deer and only one other human, Bill on his bike.


Thursday night was our family’s annual Book Night – at best guess this was our sixteenth consecutive year of this favorite family tradition. We celebrate Book Night one night between Christmas and New Year’s Eve each year when we go to the bookstore and spend a couple of hours picking out the books we want (it’s part two of the kids’ Christmas gifts). After shopping at the bookstore we head to a nearby restaurant for dinner.


Friday was another rather lazy day, but on Saturday I was raring to go! My friends and I went back and forth about meeting and then ended up deciding to do our own thing.  Right after I headed out my back door, a text came in from Lupe that I skipped reading. I was so excited to run again on a soft coating of snow that my run flew by.


After I turned around and was on my way home, I ran into my buddies. Lupe had texted to say that our run was back on and to meet at the parking lot at 9:15. We posed for a selfie and then I ran with them long enough to tell them that I’m considering running in the National Parks Grand Teton Half and Yellowstone Half and that they should join me!


I had big plans to make a new infographic for my year end stats to go along with today’s run-down, but never took the time to get it done. Don’t hold your breath, but I might get around to doing it sometime in the near future…


And in case you missed it on the blog, this past week I posted:

Looking ahead to this coming week, on Wednesday please be sure to join me for my monthly Wednesday Word linkup where this month’s word is choice. Later in the week I hope to post my New Day New Year 5K race recap.


Here’s a run-down of my workouts from this past week…


Fitness tools beyond the equipment in my gym that I used during the week included:

Cameras used for blog photography include:


  • Questions:
  • What’s the coldest weather you’ve run in?  
  • How’s your willpower this time of year? 
  • Did you run in a New Year’s Eve race today or are you running in a New Year’s Day race tomorrow? ~ I have a race tomorrow morning.


Have a great week!


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Happy Running! ~ Deb