I made a very simple 2012 New Year’s Resolution… to make time for early morning coffee with some of my gym friends at least once a month. Fourteen months later, I am keeping true to that promise; however, I am not a coffee or tea drinker. During the winter months I order hot chocolate, the summer, water. Today’s hot chocolate was TO. DIE. FOR! It was simply the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. I think they might have filled it half full of whipped cream because each and every little sip tasted of whipped cream deliciousness! 🙂


After I finished up with my morning clients, I decided to skip my Tuesday indoor cross-training on my bike and head outside for a run. Today was just too gorgeous not to be outside. It was about 50 degrees, sunny, and a little breezy. I ran in a short sleeved shirt and capri pants! My right leg has been bothering me (sciatic pain) from sitting so much while setting up my website, so it was happy to get out and run! While running I focused on keeping my core stable and did some core exercises when I got home. I’ll post pictures of a few of my favorite core exercises tomorrow.


I made a chicken stir-fry dish for dinner tonight that is the bomb! It’s one of my husband’s favorites, but unfortunately, he had to stay at the office late. No worries, he just got home and enjoyed his left-overs (that were barely in the fridge long enough to be called left-overs)!


Stay tuned tomorrow for some core exercises. Maybe I can get my son to demo them!

  • Questions:
  • Do you start your day with coffee or a big glass of water?
  • Were you able to run or walk outside today?
  • What’s your favorite core exercise?