I overslept this morning and woke up with only ten minutes until I was supposed to meet my friend Susan for a run. I headed out my back door and almost missed her as she was running around my house looking for me. Can you believe that we’ve done that before where we totally missed each other by less than a minute?

Yesterday I promised to share a few of my favorite core exercises with you.  I also promised that maybe my son would demo them, but he chose to be the photographer.  Sorry about that!

In the photograph below, I am doing an “opposite knee/elbow tap and extension” on the BOSU.  If you don’t have a BOSU, you can do this on the floor, but that will make it easier and take the balance component out of it.  Do about 20 of these puppies with steady control.


Opposite Knee/Elbow Tap and Extension on the BOSU

Next I am doing a “Swiss ball Russian twist.”  Roll out on the Swiss ball until your shoulders, neck and head are the only part of you touching the ball.  Your knees are bent to 90 degrees.  Twist and roll onto your shoulder and hold, rotate to the other side and hold, etc.  Notice that my feet are about shoulder width apart (bring them closer together to make it more difficult).  Do 12-16 of these or until you fall off the ball from laughing at yourself!


Swiss Ball Russian Twist

Aw yes, what would core exercises be without the basic “plank?”  Make sure that your shoulders are over your elbows so you don’t place unnecessary stress on your shoulders.  Imagine pulling your belly button to your spine and hold.  Don’t stick your butt up in the air and don’t sway your back, keeping your body close to 180 degrees.  Hold for a minimum of one minute and work your way up to two.



I stopped by a local drug store today to pick up some Valentine surprises for my hubby and my sons; and obviously these spent tulips didn’t make it into my shopping cart.  BTW, these were the better looking of the tulips!  Don’t tell Bill, but he’s getting dark, darker,and darkest chocolates!  Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day Eve, my friends!


  • Questions:
  • What’s your funniest/worst oversleeping story?
  • What core exercise do you love-to-hate the most?
  • What’s your all time favorite Valentine’s Day gift?