Four years ago I started a facebook group called “Bring Trader Joe’s to My Town.” We now have 1,068 members, but no TJ’s. As a result, my friend Vel and I make the pilgrimage to our nearest TJ’s to stock up on our favorite yummies. Here are a few of the things I HAD to buy.

I think everything tastes better when cilantro is added, so of course this salad dressing was screaming my name!  Vel and I gave it a try on our salad at lunch and gave it four thumbs up (and Vel is not even a huge fan of cilantro)!


As soon as we got back to my house, Vel and I also put a fresh basil pesto flatbread pizza in the oven to go with our salad.  It was quite the treat!


Since today is a Friday during lent, I needed to pick up a fish or seafood dish for dinner tonight.  I decided to try these “new to TJ’s”  Thai lime shrimp skewers.  I’m not a fan of Thai food, but these little guys were pretty darn good!


My favorite runner girl will be home from college soon for spring break, so I picked these up for when she visits us.  Julie introduced our family to chocolate covered pretzels during the Christmas holidays.  I think she will like the yogurt ones, too!


I’ll leave you with a “side plank” to get you going for the weekend.  Lie on your side and place your elbow under your shoulder with your hand facing forward.  Stack your feet with one on top of the other.  Engage your core pulling your belly button to your spine and lift your body off of the floor to 180 degrees.  Hold for 1 minute on each side, repeat.


Side Plank

When I try to hold my side plank for 2 minutes on each side, this is what happens!


See you in the morning on the running trail!

  • Quesitons:
  • How close is your nearest Trader Joe’s
  • Do you LOVE cilantro as much as I do?  🙂
  • How far are you running tomorrow?