To celebrate Friday, here are some memes, cartoons, and funny cocktail napkins for you to enjoy!

This Runner meme was the first one I saw and it cracked me up.  You may have seen it, but I thought it was worth including.


Posted on Facebook by New York Road Runners

The Cruisers will tell you that “What I Really Do” below is so true of me.  It’s so true that we set up a rule stating that we are not allowed to pass a porta-potty without stopping!


Posted on Facebook by Run The Edge (designed by Stephanie Lowe)

Yep, this Personal Trainer meme is true.  That’s “What I Really Do” with some of my clients.


Posted on Facebook by Nick Mitchell of “Ultimate Performance Fitness”

If I were in the dating scene, this would be so true of me!  I’m so glad my hubby loves to run as much as I do!    🙂


Posted on Facebook originating at “Running With Charlene”

Hmmm…  Which one of my clients is that?


Posted on Facebook by Northwest Fitness Education

Aerobics with friends is always fun!


Posted on Facebook with no source given

This little guy just makes me smile!


Posted on Facebook with no source given

I cracked up at a friend’s house when I saw these napkins!  I liked them so much, she gave me some.


Cocktail napkins given to me by a friend

I found these fun cocktail napkins and bought them for a runner-friend client.  I think she loved them as much as I did!


Cocktail napkins purchased at World Market

I’ve given credit to these funnies where I can, but I found some without any source given.

  • Questions
  • What other fitness funnies have you seen?
  • What meme or cartoon generator apps do you recommend?
  • What are your Friday night plans?