For about the past five years, I’ve been having the annual Easter Bunny Hop for the Cruisers.  I fill my baskets with runner goodies and hand them out before the run.  One year I tried to wear bunny ears for the run, but they kept falling off, so now I just wear them for handing out the goodies.  One year we even had a bunny tail that the Cruiser bringing up the rear had to wear.  Ha Ha!  Get it… bunny tail, bringing up the rear!


Chocolate Milk, Sports Beans, and Shot Bloks

The Cruisers are thinking, “It’s cold.  Do we really have to pose for a picture?  Can’t we just start running?


My gloves match the writing on my shirt.  If it hadn’t been so cold, you could appreciate it!  Don’t you just love them?    🙂


Slightly happier Cruisers!

Jerome is taking a yoga instructor course.  Once he’s finished, he’s going to set up a 15-minute yoga routine for runners, just for the Cruisers!  I can’t wait!  Here he’s demonstrating upward facing bunny!     🙂


Upward Facing Bunny

Beth humored me by running in her bunny ears.  She will be a guest writer in a couple of weeks when she writes a recap of the Paris Marathon!


Yesterday when I drove to Costco, I drove across the W&OD Trail on this pretty busy road.  The workers had just finished installing these blinking lights to let the drivers know that there’s a trail crossing.  Today when we ran by, we saw buttons to push to stop traffic, but they weren’t functioning yet.


Somebody in Costco likes Apothic Red even more than we do!  I’m thinking this guy gave up wine for lent, and has a lot of catching up to do tomorrow!  Bill, four other Cruisers and I were introduced to Apothic Red at The Tobacco Company when we were having dinner the night before the Richmond Marathon in 2011.  We’ve been big fans since, and love the price at Costco.  It was $28 per bottle at the restaurant, and it’s $7.49 per bottle at Costco!


Three cases of Apothic Red

Happy Easter!  I might have a second post today.  I am making my annual Easter Bunny cake, so I might post a “food” blog later!

  • Questions:
  • Have you ever run in an Easter specific race?
  • Do you do yoga?
  • Do you ever refuel post-run with chocolate milk?