Happy Easter!  I took today off from running…  How about you?

My oldest son got avocados and a dark chocolate Dove bunny in his basket!  I love it!


We had Prosecco mimosas with our brunch.  It’s become our new Christmas and Easter morning tradition.


I worked on my deviled egg chicks some more today.  I think the little guy in the front row on the right looks like a chick, but the rest of them look like little old men with old-fashioned huge curly mustaches!


After years of serving Honey Baked hams for Easter dinner, one of my sons asked why we always have ham when none of us really like it. Answering, “Because that’s what Grandma always served” wasn’t a very good answer, so the following year a new tradition was born. We now have filet Mignon, and my son prepares it. I call it Joseph’s perfect FM.  Maybe it’s not a traditional Easter dinner; but it’s now our tradition, and it was delicious!


It’s time to eat a funny looking bunny cake with some vanilla ice cream!  Tomorrow morning it’s back to healthy eating for this girl!

  • Questions:
  • Did you run this morning?
  • Do you ever serve something you don’t like, just for the sake of tradition?
  • What’s your upcoming week look like?