Since we can’t go without our phones for more than two minutes, we should use them to our advantage when running. Right? Here are some running and fitness apps that I use or that I’ve heard about from friends. Please add your favorite apps in the comment section below.

Track outdoor fitness activities, and connect with Facebook with:

20130403-181128.jpgTrack your run duration, distance, speed, and elevation with:


Learn how to reduce your risk of injury with:

20130403-181137.jpgFollow your trail in real time while running with:


 Track your workout and heart rate with:

20130403-181230.jpgCalculate your pace, time, and distance with:


Earn money for charities while running with:

20130403-181117.jpgTrack your daily water intake with:


Record your food and exercise anywhere and anytime with:

20130403-181337.jpgFollow prompts to train for a 5K with:


Follow prompts to train for a 10K with:


  • Questions:
  • Do you use running apps, a Garmin, a running watch, or do you run without worrying about your time?
  • What is your favorite running or fitness app?
  • Do you listen to music when you run?