A few weeks ago my family and I brainstormed about fun weekday post titles that I could use occasionally just to change things up.  One of the ideas we came up with was…


Today’s interpretation of “Top Ten Tuesday” is my list of ten fitness related things that make me happy.

1.  Today while training one of my clients, I commented on her excellent form and asked if I could take a picture.  She makes me smile because of how buff she’s gotten in the last year.


Dynamic Stretch Airplanes

2.  I received my first blog give-away prize in today’s mail.  Thanks, Emma!  Be sure to check out her fun blog A Mom Runs This Town. I’ll never need to shower after a run again!  Mmmm, peppermint!


Peppermint Fresh Feet Wipes

3.  I am excited that on Sunday, both of my sons will be at home for Mother’s Day and we can go on a family run!  Picture to follow later!  🙂

4.  I’ve talked about Monica before.  She gives 110% every single time we train together, and her sweat shows it.  I posted a picture like this one last summer on Facebook and it was the most viewed post I’ve ever had on my Personal Fit Fitness page.  Today I specifically had her do reverse crunches again just so I could get another picture.  I’m not sure why the brown carpet shows up orange, but hey, it doesn’t keep you from seeing what Monica left behind on her mat.


Monica, bringing it!

5.  I’m super excited that I’m meeting my running buddy and mentor Miles tomorrow for lunch!  I’ll probably need to do a whole post about this tomorrow.  🙂

6.  I love that I have the option to ride my stationary bike on a rainy day!


7.  I think this will classify as a top ten goal…  I want to do a color run!  Local friends, let me know if you hear of one in our area!  If I do one, it would absolutely make that week’s top ten list!


8.  I started seeing Quest Bars talked about recently on a few blogs that I follow, so I decided to try them.  I found them at GNC and they’re pretty good.  The flavors I picked up have 20-21 grams of protein and 170-200 calories each.  I got a few “emergency” bars to keep in my gym bag for days when I’m out training clients and can’t get to lunch or dinner, and need something to tie me over.


9.  My home gym clients walk around the side of our house to our basement entrance.  I love that this time of year when they crawl back to their cars after a tough workout, they have these beautiful spring flowers to enjoy!


Pink and White Bleeding Hearts, and Coral Bells

10.  Yesterday with five hours to spare between my morning and evening clients, I stopped at my favorite local nursery, bought all of my deck and garden flowers, AND got them planted.  Today we have a steady rain falling and I think I can see my flowers smiling!  This isn’t exactly fitness related, but my clients do walk by my smiling flowers, and I got a good workout planting them.  🙂


  • Questions:
  • When in a pinch, do you ever eat protein or any other kind of bars?
  • Have you done a color run?  Was it fun?
  • Are you a heavy sweater?