Warning:  Today’s post has nothing to do with running, maybe running around like a chicken, but nothing to do with lacing up my Asics and heading out on the trail…

In addition to running, I love gardening!  I grew up on a farm, so I guess it sort of makes sense that I love digging in the dirt.

On Monday, I had a few extra hours between my morning clients and my late afternoon clients, so I stopped at my favorite nursery to pick up flowers for my deck and front porch.

I picked up red, white, and blue Wave petunias…


Sea of Waves

And planted them in a window box on my deck…


Red, White, and Blue Wave Petunias

And on my front porch…


Blue Waves, Spikes, and Vining Vinca

Next I found Mexican heather to plant with my ferns in my deck garden box; and caladiums to plant as stand-a-lones.


Mexican Heather and Caladiums

My favorite caladium leaves are the green and pink veined ones!  These will get much bigger and be in scale with the pot in a couple of weeks.


Multicolored Caladiums

A couple of years ago I cut back on the number of flowers I plant each spring and put perennials (such as ferns) in some of my pots so that I don’t have to replant them each year.  Brilliant!


Ferns from my mom’s garden

Somehow I managed to get all of my flowers planted before the rain hit and my late afternoon clients started arriving.  I was practically sprinting around getting everything planted!

Do you wonder how I decide what flowers to plant?  It is 100% determined by what this guy doesn’t like to eat!


Hungry Ground Hog


  • Questions:
  • Do you like to garden?
  • What’s your favorite flower?
  • Do you have any wild animal “pets”?