Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom and to all of my mom readers out there!

Before I talk about my special day today, I have huge news to share with you from last evening!  Joseph went out on a long run yesterday afternoon… a 26.2-mile run to be exact!  Bill and I walked to the trail at the time he estimated he would finish so we could cheer him across the finish line.  Here’s the picture I took of him just as he was finishing his run.  It was his first marathon, and I couldn’t be prouder!


Joseph finishing his first marathon, solo

This morning I came downstairs and found Joseph making omelets for our breakfast!  Bill and I shared this one.


I waited until after my first run of the day to have my 1/3 of this huge fold-over of deliciousness…


What’s Mother’s Day without sharing it with another “mom runner” who happens to be one of my favorite people in the world?  Unfortunately, our other Sunday running girlfriend couldn’t join us today for our weekly run.


Happy Mother’s Day to my BRF!

While running, Susan and I saw Molly and Rosie chasing a tennis ball.  You can see that Molly has the ball in her mouth.  She was incredibly fast and always beat Rosie to the ball.  Their owner said they are pure-breds and love to run.  We could tell that they were having as much fun running as we were!


Molly and Rosie

I came home from my run and opened my gifts.  If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that mint and chocolate are my favorite flavor combination.  I know I’m loved when I get mint chocolate GU!


GU, Gatorade chews, and a necklace

My next gift was the BEST. GIFT. EVER!!!  Bill, Joseph, and Daniel went on a run with me!  I’m pretty sure a new tradition was born this morning!  We only did a couple of miles since I’d already run with Susan, and Joseph ran 26.2 miles yesterday.  Bill stayed out and ran a total of 13 miles today.  We asked a lady that was out on a walk to take the next two pictures for us.


Family Mother’s Day Run

Here I am with the three loves of my life!


Daniel, Bill, Deb, and Joseph

This afternoon we went to Zinga for frozen yogurt.  We walked over last year on Mother’s Day and I hadn’t been back since, so I wanted to do that again today.  I normally don’t like adding anything to mine, but today I added Oreo crumbs.  Whoa!  I’m getting a little out of control here!



I hope your Mother’s Day was as relaxed as mine and that you, too, got to spend it with your family!  I just might have to do a post later tonight with pictures of my Mother’s Day dinner!  Bill and the boys are starting to work on it now.  🙂

  • Questions:
  • If you’re a mom, what did you do special today?
  • What would be the most perfect non-purchased gift your children could give/make to/for you?
  • What toppings do you add to your frozen yogurt?