Our Cruisers were busy on Sunday morning running in two very different and very important races:  the MarineCorps Historic Half and Semper Fred 5K, and the Carter’s Run 5K.

On Sunday Cruisers Chuck, Kati, and Dan ran in the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon and the Marine Corps Semper Fred 5K held in historic Fredericksburg, VA; a town famous for being a battle ground during the Civil War.  The races started with the firing of a musket after the town crier’s announcement.


Pictured below are Cruisers Kati and Dan; and their friends before the Semper Fred 5K.  This group is made up of long time friends with a variety of running experiences, from marathoners to first time racers.  Scott, the gentleman on the far right, is retired USMC and got back from Afghanistan the day before the race.  The gentleman in the blue jacket and hat was the official 5K pace car driver.

I asked Kati what was the significance of the green shirts, and she told me that they are from Green Fitness in Fredericksburg.  Garrett Green, their personal trainer, ran his first half-marathon (a sub 2:00) on Sunday!


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Chuck running in the Historic Half, but he did well with a chip time of 2:09:24.  He should be especially pleased considering a nagging hip injury this past year that kept him off the trail for several months.

Runners ran under this huge American flag that was supported by two fire engines’ ladders.  I love the American spirit seen in all of the Marine Corps running events!


Post-race, Kati and Dan are proudly wearing their 5K medals!  I love the parchment paper looking bibs!  Don’t you?


Cruiser Amanda and her friend Elizabeth ran in the Carter’s Run 5K with their daughters.  This was the first annual race put on by family and friends of a local little boy named Carter who has Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation.  The race was organized to raise awareness for this disease and money for the Dandy-Walker Alliance in hopes of one day finding a cure.  In addition to being jog-stroller friendly, it was a fun family event with plenty of activities for the little ones before and after the race!


Amanda’s little girl is dressed in her running outfit and ready to race ride in her jog-stroller!  How could you not win when you’re dressed in your very favorite running outfit?


  • Questions:
  • Have you ever run in a military sponsored race?
  • Do you have a running outfit as awesome as this little cutie’s?
  • Did you race this past weekend?