This morning my friend Miles and several of the members of his running group (MilesRun) joined the Cruisers for Miles’ Annual Blueberry Pancake Run.  The Cruisers usually travel to Maryland for the event, but this year Miles wasn’t able to host it, so Bill and I volunteered.  My friend Rich surprised me with this banner and then volunteered to take the pictures.  Thank you, Rich!


And here we are doing what silly runners do!


Mr. Incredible is part of MilesRun.  He plays blasts music from his bike speakers to entertain us while we run.  How cool is that?  I’ll tell you a little more about him in a few weeks.


Here come some of the Cruisers; and not that I’m competitive or anything, but do you notice that they are in front of the MilesRun group?


These runners have a LOT of miles under their collective belts.  Miles (bright green shirt) and Ed (far right) have run about a million JFK 50-Milers (26 to be exact).  I ran my first, and only, JFK with them.  Ed qualified for the Western States 100-Miler that year, too.  He ran it the following year and finished it under 24-hours to earn the coveted belt buckle.  Chuck (right next to Ed) has done a full Ironman; and the other guys in the group have run various marathons, half-marathons, and half-Ironmans.  Seriously, what an impressive group of runners!


We had two very young riders with us today!  Amanda didn’t seem to mind that Beth, Vamshi, and I fought over who got to push Sarah!


Let’s just get this straight…  I love cows and if I run past them, I will post a picture of them.  Deal with it!


After a six-mile ride in her jog stroller, little Sarah was happy to get out and stretch her legs.  Here she’s showing Miss Debbie how she can run!  Don’t you just love her running outfit?  It was cool this morning so she layered!


Paul, I mean Mr. Incredible, shot a video of our run.  Here’s the clip he put together.  Nicely done and thank you, Mr. Incredible!


After our run we all headed back to our house for pancakes brunch.  Despite it being a “blueberry pancake run,” I didn’t serve pancakes.  I served a blueberry french toast casserole instead.  I would share the recipe, but I’m afraid you would have a heart attack just reading the ingredients, and I can’t be responsible for that!  Suffice it to say that I usually only make this dish once a year… for Christmas brunch.


The centerpiece has got to match the occasion!  I took this picture yesterday when I set up for the party and it was still raining.  Luckily Tropical Storm Andrea moved on out and we had a beautiful day!

I had the bar stocked…  OK, OK we had mimosas for our brunch, too; but it’s more fun to show chocolate milk on ice in a wine cooler than the Prosecco and orange juice!


I dug out old running shirts that represent races that Miles and I have done together over the years.  He didn’t disappoint either with the shirt he picked out to wear!


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  • Questions:
  • Have you ever run with music other than your iPod?
  • Do you save your old shirts?
  • Parents out there, do you run with a jog stoller?