Happy Father’s Day, a week early!  Our family has started a tradition of going to Sunset Hills Winery to celebrate Father’s Day.  My friend Diane and her husband own this gorgeous winery.  In addition to  their beautiful tasting room in their old barn (that was totally renovated by the Amish), they have a great outdoor pavilion with live music!

For various reasons, the last couple of years we have gone out to celebrate the week before Father’s Day.  Today’s weather was perfect and it wasn’t so crowded!  Less crowds = yet another great reason to celebrate Father’s Day a week early!


First we tasted a rosé, then we had a round of wine-a-ritas, and then we had a Viognier.  I’m not a white wine fan, so I skipped that round.  I didn’t get my camera out until almost too late to take these pictures of our wine and wine-a-ritas.


I totally blew it and failed to take a picture of the gourmet warm bread, salami, sharp cheddar, and tapenade basket.  Fortunately, I have a photo from last year!  🙂


Here’s a family picture with a messy table.  I was definitely off my blogger’s game today in the picture taking department!


After coming home, watching the Nats win, and taking a nap, we had salmon for dinner.  It was a very nice day for Bill… and our whole family!


Sorry about there being no talk about running today.  Joseph was the only one of us that ran today after yesterday’s big event

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