I hope you guys enjoyed Julie’s guest posts as much as I did!  Thank you again, Julie; and just so you know, you are welcome to write for me anytime you want!  AND I agree with everyone’s comments that you should start a blog, too!

Bill and I have had a great few days here at the beach and we’ll be heading home tomorrow.   Here’s a little recap of our last few days…

Bill and I drove to Kitty Hawk to run a few errands and decided to stop in Duck and go for a run on one of the paved trails that runs along the main road.  Thank you Town of Duck for this water fountain!  I had drained my water bottle in the first three miles, so it was a welcome sight!


Just for fun, Bill took a picture of me sprinting at 2 MPH!  Look out Usain Bolt, I’m a real threat!  Note to self; don’t allow pictures to be taken of me from behind…


Thursday afternoon and evening crazy storms came through the area and we were treated to some beautiful skies!  Can you believe that I took this picture with my iPhone?


Cruisers Chuck and Kati were staying in a house a few miles south of us, so we planned our first ever Cruisers destination run on the Outer Banks!  Chuck wanted to experience running on the beach, so they drove to our house and we went on a group-run.  Their friends Gabe and Maria joined us, so we had “guest Cruisers on our destination run!”


It’s always a good thing to run along the shore the next morning after a storm because you usually find some cool treasures!  We found this sand dollar and some sort of ray.


If this isn’t a ray, do you know what type of fish it is?  You can see that he is pretty big based on Gabe’s running shoe above him…


I’m also pretty proud of this picture of a shell that I took just as the water was washing in around it!  I think it’s my favorite beach picture…


Or maybe my favorite beach picture is this one…  Chuck caught this cool silhouetted picture of me running.


 Yesterday was Flag Day, so I spent some time trying to get a perfect flag picture to post.  A few clouds and rain moved through all morning, and I got this really cool picture.


 By afternoon it was gorgeous and I got this picture.  Happy Flag Day, a day late!


 Bill worked on one of the house projects that he needed to get done while at the house.  While he worked on the steps, I helped napped.


We ended yesterday with another delicious dinner; this time with bourbon marinated salmon (from Harris Teeter), corn on the cob, and grilled veggies.  The cocktail is a coconut rum and peach Fuze concoction that I made up.  It’s kind of boring looking so I’ve got to come up with an interesting garnish…   Any suggestions?


Oh, and those dumbbells that I was going to use…  they are still safely tucked away in the closet!

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my Born To Run giveaway!  Stay tuned!

  • Questions:
  • Do you have any clue what that fish is that I’m calling a ray?
  • What’s your favorite beach adventure?
  • Do you have special plans for Father’s Day tomorrow?