I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow prepping for the Cruisers’ W&OD Trail 45-Mile Ultramarathon Training Run and attending a fun social function (no, it’s not a run), so I might not talk write to you again until Sunday evening.  I hope to be able to post tomorrow, but if I don’t, I promise to touch base on Sunday evening to let you know how we did on our run.  Don’t forget that you can follow me on twitter and see how we are doing by following #CruisersUltra.


This afternoon I hit up Costco and Wegman’s and purchased some of the stuff we’ll need on Sunday.  We’ll have water and Gatorade in the cooler for during the run, and chocky milk for after the run.


I’ll be making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (something I can’t stand), and nutella sandwiches (something else I don’t like).  I love peanut butter, but have trouble mixing it with anything except bananas.  Yep, I even dislike Reese’s cups and Reese’s pieces.  Please don’t hate me!


I bought enough sugary snacks to keep even the most glycogen depleted person going.  Can you believe that I’ve never had a Swedish fish?  I’m not one to snack on these types of candies, but I’m looking forward to trying them, just so I can say I have.


M&M’s are an entirely different story!  I would run 200 mile for the excuse to eat unlimited amounts of M&M’s.  I prefer the dark chocolate or coconut ones, but since I don’t know if the other runners like them, I decided to stick with the basics.  And yes, I plan to share!


We started carbo-loading tonight with a salad, bread, and rotini pasta, meatballs, and Wegman’s fresh vodka blush sauce.  It’s not very colorful, but it tasted great!


  • Questions:
  • Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s?  Go!
  • Local people:  Who’s joining us for part of the run?
  • Who’s following us on twitter on Sunday?