Remember how excited I was yesterday to get my new sunglasses?  This morning I took them with me on my run, but since we started at 5:55 and it was still kind of dark, I didn’t need them, so I put them on top of my visor like I often do.  Five minutes into our 15-mile run I got too hot and decided that I didn’t need my visor, so I took it off… only I didn’t remember that I had my sunglasses on top…  I heard something hitting the pavement and bouncing and looked down to see my brand new sunglasses coming to a stop on the trail.  Brand new, and now scratched.  🙁  They are not horribly scratched, but they are scratched!


On a far happier note, Don’s Johns reached out to me because they loved my post, Where’s A Porta-Potty When You Need It? and asked if they could use it as a guest post on their blog!  The Cruisers were so excited that we decided to honor this momentous event with a group photo with our favorite porta-potty!  Please notice that this isn’t just any photo, Beth and I are highlighting the Don’s Johns name using our “Vana White hands!”


I promise you that I am not making this up…  On our return trip (we do an out and back run) we stopped to use the potty, and just as we were getting ready to start running again three girls ran past us.  One of them said, “Oh look, there’s a porta-potty.”  One of the other girls answered, “I’d rather pee my pants than to use one of those.”  Needless to say, we were insulted and decided to show them a thing or two.  We took off running, caught up with them, passed them, and left them in our dust!  Take that for disrespecting our favorite porta-potty!

When we stopped to refuel we noticed that all five of us running the longer distance today were wearing Asics!  We love our Asics!


  • Questions:
  • What is something new that you broke soon after you got it?
  • Don’t you think Don’s Johns should sponsor me, and give me a huge porta-potty costume to run in?  🙂
  • What shoes do you run in?