On Monday while riding down the interstate, I caught up on some of my favorite running blogs, and decided to document the event with a my first ever selfie!  After about the ten tries and getting pictures of everything, but me, I went with this one.  I was using my camera and not my phone so I couldn’t see what was in the frame.  Don’t worry, my hand and camera were in front of Bill’s face so he couldn’t see where he was driving either, so we were both clueless!  Just kidding!


As soon as we got unpacked, we took a walk on the beach to visit with our neighbors that we hadn’t seen since last summer, because they weren’t at their houses yet when we came down in June.  I had the pleasure of meeting Buster for the first time!


And I think he likes me!


The next day was rainy and cold and we tried to go out for a run between raindrops.  The wind was whipping the water onto the shore even though it was just after low tide, and the running was difficult.  You can see that I’m standing in pretty deep loose sand.  It was like running in cake batter!  After trying to run about a mile we decided to drive down into town to run on the trails, and it was a really good call!


My first time ever running in a skirt!

I turned my RunKeeper on and we just started running and exploring!  We ran on this boardwalk that goes out to Currituck Sound.  It was a lovely 1+ mile run out-and-back.  My legs would love for me to run on a boardwalk forever!


And so Bill doesn’t feel left out, here’s a picture of him!


Since the wild horses can also get to the marshy area we had just run through (these are the same wild horse that roam freely around our house), this sign is up to remind people to keep the horses in the area so they don’t get out into the roads.


After our run to the sound and back, we ran along community roads and sidewalks.  We ran past this little guy and a biker behind us moved him to the side of the road for safety!  He jumped back into his shell when he heard my camera snap!  The turtle, not the biker!


Next we ran up one of the sandy side streets to the ocean front.  You can see the Currituck Light House behind Bill…


We wrapped up our run by running on a trail that runs along the main road.  I decided that since I probably wouldn’t be doing a tempo run this week, to kick it up a notch on our final 1.5 miles back to where we had parked.  We ran strong and it felt great!  To cool down, we walked around the grounds of the lighthouse before we headed back to our house.


  • Questions:
  • When you run, do you like to go on an adventure or run a predetermined route?
  • When was the last time you ran on a non-asphalt or gravel trail?
  • Ladies, do you run in shorts or skirts?  Do you call them skirts or skorts?