In mid-July I visited my foot doctor to order new orthotics.  I would say podiatrist, but that sounds like such an old person’s doctor!  I certainly don’t have the prettiest feet in the world, but for a runner I don’t think these dogs look too bad!  At least I’d just gotten a new pedicure before my appointment.  It was the least I could do for the poor doctor that has to look at gnarly feet all day!


Back in 2010, I saw the doctor for the first time because I’d had plantar fasciitis for two years that I just couldn’t get rid of.  I stretched it, iced it, rolled it, you name it and I tried it.  I went to him in hopes of a referral for physical therapy and some magic sonogrammy thing they might do.  My doctor immediately pointed out my fallen arches and said that I needed custom orthotics, but unfortunately my insurance probably wouldn’t pay for them since they are so expensive ($450).  He prescribed a month or two of physical therapy for twice a week that was covered (~$1,000-2,000).  Go figure…


Physical therapy went well, but didn’t completely heal my injury.  I ordered the custom orthotics and within two weeks of wearing them, two years of pain disappeared.  I regularly switched the orthotics from my running Asics to my work Asics, so that anytime I was on my feet, I was in them.  I now make sure all of my other shoes have an arch support, too.



Of course if you fall in love with a pair of shoes that don’t have built in arch supports, you can always buy ones that you peel and stick in your shoes!


For anyone that’s interested, I found FitFlops online for people that are looking for flip flops with arch support.  They have lots of styles and colors to choose from, so I can look somewhat fashionable when I want to air my feet out!  Don’t you love my white runner’s feet?


I asked my doctor why my arches had fallen?  Was it from going barefoot for years, running so much, or maybe I’d inherited them from my dad?  He said it’s mostly genetics and gravity…

This spring my plantar fasciitis reared its ugly head again and I made an appointment to order new orthotics.  Believe me, I’ve tried the cheaper over-the-counter ones and they just don’t do it!  Take a look at these guys, don’t they look pathetic?


They scanned my feet for the new orthotics instead of having me put my foot in the foamy pizza box like thing they used last time to make the mold.


Yesterday I picked up my new puppies (the new ones are on the left).  😉  The doctor didn’t put metatarsal supports in the new ones and I’m not so sure that I like that.  He said for me to try them for a couple of weeks, and if I still don’t like them, he can add them.  Also he told me that he can refurbish my old pair so I can keep using them.  They won’t be quite the same, but they will be better than the OTC ones.  I’m excited that I’ll have a pair to leave in my running shoes and my work shoes, and won’t have to move them back and forth!


  • Questions:
  • Do you enjoy going barefoot?
  • What foot injuries have you sustained?
  • Have you ever worn orthotics?