When Bill and I headed out for an early morning run, it was only 55 degrees…  My kind of weather!  🙂  I decided to run ten miles today since I won’t be able to join the Cruisers tomorrow morning for our long run.  I couldn’t convince any of them to call into work sick and run with me, so after Bill peeled off at six miles I had to run the last four miles alone.

While still on our neighborhood trail we saw our local high school cross country team running toward us.  There were probably about 40 runners total.  It made me so happy to see these students out enjoying the beautiful morning before starting their school day!


Bill and I got on the W&OD Trail to run for a couple of miles, and lo and behold, we saw our friend Linda coming toward us!  She and I used to run together for years at 6 AM with three other friends.  We ran together five mornings a week before we got our kids off to elementary school, then middle school, and eventually high school.  Schedules changed, and friends moved, but I could always count on joining Linda whenever I needed to head out for a super early run because she was like the little Energizer Bunny out there getting it done.  Linda moved away a couple of years ago, so it was a very nice surprise to see her this morning!  And of course it was great to catch up!


Once I was running by myself again, I started slacking taking picture of the beautiful flowers along the trail.  These are thistles that my dad used to call “mean thistles,” because their seeds blow and spread so easily if you don’t keep them under control.  Dad always kept a paper bag in his pocket when farming to break off the blooms and put in the bag so they wouldn’t go to seed.  A field of these would be beautiful, but they would take over the grass and hay that the cattle need to eat.


These morning glories grow along the “guardrail” fences along the trail.  They are gorgeous!


These look like some type of gerber daisy or shasta daisy.  Perhaps a bird carried the seeds here from someone’s yard…


The grass along the trail was being mowed, and I took this picture as I ran by hoping that I wouldn’t be noticed.  Unfortunately the driver looked right at me…  Oh well, busted!


I was in heaven smelling the freshly cut grass for several miles!  Freshly cut grass is one of my favorite smells and reminds me of my childhood!


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