Bill and I headed out for our run at 6:30 this morning and were treated to a sunrise that changed many times right before our eyes!  Every time we turned a corner and looked to the east, the sky was a different color.  Sit back and enjoy the beauty of our morning run…


Pink, Yellow, and Orange Sunrise at ~ 6:45 AM


Fading to White at ~ 7:00 AM


Jet Contrails at Sunrise at ~ 7:10 AM


Tunnel to Heaven at ~ 7:20 AM

Before we headed back home, I snapped a quick picture of the western sky…


Western Sky at ~ 7:25 AM

And the northern sky…


Northern Sky at ~ 7:25 AM

By 10:00 AM when I went outside with my first client, the sky was a beautiful blue with the occasional white puffy cloud and the temperature was absolutely perfect!  I hope you took the time to enjoy the beauty of nature around you today!

  • Questions:
  • Are you a morning person?
  • Where were you when you saw your most beautiful sunrise?
  • Where you live do you usually have a more beautiful view of the sunrise or sunset?