This weekend we were back in Blacksburg for Virginia Tech’s Homecoming game against the University of North Carolina.  Our first order of business was to find a restaurant that could seat 14 people in less than two hours.  Champs Sports Bar was up to the task and seated us immediately!  While we were eating, who should walk in but Joseph and Julie, and I didn’t even buy them a round of drinks.  What kind of mother am I?


Bill and I love to start our Saturday morning off with a super early run on the Huckleberry Trail before our tailgate, and hopefully, FUN football game.  As my friend Wade’s shirt says…


Anyway, back to running…  I was sick with a nasty cold and didn’t feel like running so we slept in until 8 AM.  I have no idea when the last time was that we slept that late on a Saturday morning, but it was delightful!   I put on my best game face and got ready to party with my Hokie friends.  My first order of business was pulling my Hokie Bird out of his nest…  Yes, we have two 8-foot tall inflatable mascots for our tailgate.  What?  You’re surprised?


Bill snapped this picture of us and tweeted it to #VTFanPhoto and we made it onto the jumbotron during the game!  I’ve just got to learn to kick my legs up so it looks like I’m jumping higher.


We were sure our group picture would win as the best tailgate picture, but we didn’t even get an honorable mention…  Next time, Hokies, next  time!


Even though I didn’t feel like running, I got to pretend that I was racing by standing in the porta-potty line!


Rhonda and I passed the torch of preparing our pre-game tequila shots to these Hokies-in-training.  They were so up to the task!  Despite my best efforts, the alcohol didn’t kill my cold germs.


By half-time our core body temperatures were up to 110 degrees.  It was hot out there people!


The crowing of our Homecoming king and queen was really touching.  Senior Chris Atkins was named king and immediately gave his crown to his seven year old escort and cancer survivor Nathan Orban to help bring awareness to leukemia and lymphoma.  Nathan’s shirt said, “A King For A Cause.”  Junior Taylor Lavery, the granddaughter of the late William Lavery (our university’s president from 1975-87), was named homecoming queen.


After a Hokie win, we headed back to our tailgate for round two (breakfast foods before the game, sandwiches after the game) of eating, drinking, and general merry making!

  • Questions:
  • Do you return to your alma mater for homecoming?
  • Was it unseasonably hot this weekend where you live?
  • What did you do for fun this weekend?