It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the busiest!  In addition to preparing for our own Christmas celebration that I like to think would make Martha Stewart envious, Bill and I have been attending various holiday parties.

Last Thursday night we attended a work party thrown by a friend of Bill’s.  I’ve gotten to know some of the people there since this was our third year attending, so I didn’t just stand next to Bill smiling and chugging wine, I actually talked to a few people!


We arrived home from the party to a package on our front porch.  The package was from Williams-Sonoma and contained a pre-made gingerbread house from one of my clients.  Is she sweet or what?  In the past she’s given me W-S kits, but knew that I was a little overwhelmed this Christmas and sent the ready made version!


Saturday night we attended a Christmas party in our old neighborhood and got to catch up with lots of friends!  This particular little dessert was not only beautiful, but it was delicious.  Mint and chocolate… yes, please!


Sunday afternoon I made Rein-Beer as my gift for the Cruisers Christmas party that Bill and I were hosting that night.


And by hosting, I mean that we all met at a local Japanese Steak and Seafood House for dinner, and then came back to our house for after-dinner drinks and our Silly Santa gift exchange.  We had a pretty good turnout at dinner, but only three couples came back to our house this year.  I included Bill and me in the couple number to make it sound better!


Last year I made Rein-Beer and Beth picked them, but they were stolen from her before the night was over.  In fact, it was the most stolen gift last year, so I had to make them again, right?   This year she chose them and was able to hold onto them!  In fact, no gifts were stolen!  Talk about a tame and boring Silly Santa exchange!  At least no fights ensued and we all went home happy!


I’ve had my house decorated since the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving, but I’ve had shopping and my cards hanging over my head for the past couple of weeks.  On Friday, I trained my early clients, and got on the road by 9:45 AM to hit the local mall, outlet mall, and a few other stores.  I shopped non-stop until 6 PM and pretty much got everything taken care of.  As I told Bill, “I may not have gotten my workout completed that morning, but I gave our American Express card a really good workout!”

Sunday afternoon before the party, I got all of the gifts wrapped; and by wrapped, I mean put in pre-wrapped gift boxes and gift bags that I bought at Costco.  Now all I have hanging over my head are my Christmas cards, but I knocked some of them out yesterday and hope to finish them tonight.


Spoiler alert!  If you usually get a Christmas card from us, and don’t want to see this year’s photo, close your eyes now!


And lastly, during the craziness that we have turned this most holy holiday into, I keep reminding myself of what we are really celebrating.  Linus sums it up for us…

Hopefully, I can get some homemade Christmas cookies baked this weekend.  If not, there’s always slice and bake!  Shhhh, don’t tell Martha!

  • Questions:
  • How many holiday related events have you attended so far?
  • If you celebrate Christmas, are you stressed ?
  • Which is your favorite Charlie Brown show?