Back in August I started a series called Picture This Run.  Today’s installment will be about waking up to a beautiful fresh powdery snowfall and strapping on our Yaktrax before heading out for an adventuresome run.


We had record snowfall in the winter of 2010 (actually I just made that up, but we did have a lot of snow).  After waking up one morning in February 2010 and peering out the window, Bill and I decided the fresh powder would be a delight to run in!  The next two pictures aren’t a view out of our bedroom window, but instead a view back toward our house.  I glanced over my shoulder and snapped these photos as we took off for our run…



After we run through the clearing beside our house, we round the corner and can cross either one or two bridges depending on the direction we want to run…



We chose to cross the second bridge and run to a neighboring community and around their lake…



Running through the neighborhood trails we saw a deer family, but they spooked easily and ran away…



We had a delightful run, and I got home just in time to shovel the driveway and sidewalk before my clients started arriving for their workouts!

  • Questions:
  • You wake up to several inches of fresh snow, do you go run or go back to sleep?
  • What’s your favorite rave run?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?