What comes down, must get shoveled away!  Fortunately I don’t mind shoveling, too much…  This morning I waited until 8:30 to shovel the driveway because when I got up the temperature was 2° and the wind chill was -15°.   I think it had warmed up to a balmy -10° wind chill by the time I went outside.


Cold and breezy, but beautiful!


Despite wearing thick gloves layered with mittens, my fingers got so cold that I felt like I was going to throw up.  With a shovel in my hands it’s tough to use my hand warmers between the layers like I do sometimes when I run.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have Raynaud phenomenon because my fingers return to normal within ten minutes of coming inside.  I just think it’s just a side effect of getting older.  Apparently being young at heart  doesn’t help with some things!


My Cruiser friend Jerome showed me some exercises to help with circulation in my fingers in hopes of keeping them from getting so cold.  One is to firmly press the tip of the thumb against the tip of each of the fingers on the same hand one at a time, holding for several seconds before moving on to the next finger.


Another exercise is to press the fingers on one hand firmly against the fingers on the other hand while bringing the palms together and apart.


Other exercises include wiggling and shaking the fingers, pretending you’re playing the piano, tapping them against each other, and really anything you can do to get the blood flowing!

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  • Questions:
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