Bill and I have been throwing around the idea of taking dance lessons before Joseph and Julie’s wedding in August. I may be athletic, but I’m not the world’s best dancer. One of my friend’s describes me as “dancing with joy in my heart,”  That’s her way of saying, “she has a good personality!”  My distance running allows me to hang on the dance floor the entire night, but at times I’m afraid I might look just a little like Elaine from Seinfeld.  Anyone want to volunteer to give us lessons?

Speaking of dancing, I saw this video and decided that Joseph and I definitely need some practice to pull off this mother/son dance (it gets fun at 1:14).  Last night I told my friend about this video, and she said that when she was planning her wedding, her future-mother-in-law told her the MIL’s job is to keep her mouth shut and wear brown.  Alrighty then, I’m off the hook from practicing these dance moves!


Wednesday brought ice to our area, but by 2 PM the temperature was starting to climb high enough for it to melt.  I captured a picture of this ice grid as it pulled away from the chair back just seconds before it fell to the deck.  Pretty cool!



I have something very cool to share!  If you remember, Laura wrote Running For Taylor as a guest post for me back in December.  She shared her adventures about running the Thunder Road Half Marathon blind-folded to honor her sister Taylor and raise attention about Batten Disease, a disease that unfortunately she knows all too well (Laura’s sister has suffered from the disease since she was seven years old).  Laura’s story is shared in the March issue of Runner’s World on page 20.  You can bet I cut out that page and hung it up for my clients to see.


And finally, I recently joined Instagram.  So if you feel you don’t get enough pictures on my blog, you can check it out to see what else I’m up to!

  • Questions:
  • Are you a good dancer?
  • Have you ever taken dance lessns?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?