We’ve had a couple of unexpected snowfalls this week, but you won’t hear me complaining until mid-March.  Then even this snow-lover will be ready for spring.

Yesterday morning we woke up yet again to fresh snow on the ground and snow coming down at a pretty steady pace.  I got up with plans to go running in the next hour or so, and then Bill said those three words every girl wants to hear, “I’m going running.”  Let me tell you that I dove into my running clothes quicker than you can say Jack Rabbit!


My BRF Susan hasn’t been able to run for a few weeks so all of my weekday runs have been alone.  Needless to say, I’ve been a little lonely on my runs and was thrilled to have company, especially since it was Bill!

I made one of our favorite salads for dinner on Tuesday night and I’ve been having leftovers for lunch .  I can’t tell you how delicious this salad is, so you’ll just have to come run with me sometime and I’ll make it for your post-run lunch!


And just for fun, here’s a throwback picture my cousin sent to me.  Her family didn’t live too far from us, and even though I was a lot older than my cousins, we had a lot of fun together!


  • Questions:
  • What’s the weather like where you live?  Any signs of spring?
  • What are your favorite salad toppings?
  • What’s the best snow creature you’ve ever made?