Yesterday was another very sad day for our running community. A local mom was hit by a car and killed while out on her morning run. She was doing something many of us have done every morning for years… We get up super early to get our run in before showering, waking the children, getting them ready for school, and then heading off to work.

This afternoon I stopped by the intersection where the accident happened and added my running shoes to the memorial being built in honor of Jaime.



While I was there, a lady stopped briefly and placed a bouquet of while flowers at the top of the memorial; and another lady who had obviously been crying, walked over and took pictures. Friends were stopping by to pay their respects…



I did not know Jaime, but as a fellow runner, tying my running shoes onto the growing memorial was something I had to do. Running miles in Jaime’s honor this Saturday will be another way that I will help her friends celebrate her life. A Facebook group was created by Jaime’s friends to encourage the running community worldwide to dedicate the miles they run on Saturday to Jaime and to use #RunForJaime when recording those miles. I hope you’ll join us.


Please use caution and stay safe on your runs!


Ways to stay safe when running:

  • Run with someone else whenever possible
  • Don’t run with headphones when near traffic
  • Always look before crossing the road
  • When running in the dark, wear a headlamp or knuckle lights
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Tell someone what your running route will be
  • If your family is asleep, leave a note with your expected time of return
  • Always have an ID on you (Road ID has many to choose from)
  • Add free Road ID screen shot with emergency contact numbers to your phone





  • Questions:
  • Will you dedicate your miles to Jaime on Saturday?
  • Who’s racing this weekend?