The running community is absolutely amazing,
but I already knew that!


This morning I ran with two other MRTT ladies for the very first time. Many from our group were either running in the Rock ‘N’ Roll USA Half Marathon or the Lucky Leprechaun 5K, so that left only three of us to brave the early morning darkness for our Saturday morning run. These two mamas are so nice and I can’t tell you how fast my five miles with them went by as we got to know each other! Erin and Jackie continued on for four more miles (totaling nine miles each) after I stopped to join the Cruisers for our weekly run. As a group, the three of us ran 23 miles for Jaime.


MRTT ran for Jaime

I said goodbye to my new friends and took off with the Cruisers for the rest of my run. Jerome printed out purple Run For Jaime ribbons for us to pin to our shirts. On the three mile run from the parking lot to the shoe memorial, we saw so many other runners (many wearing purple – Jaime’s favorite color). My heart danced seeing such love and support for our fellow runner.


Cruisers running for Jaime

Since I stopped by on Thursday, Jaime’s shoe memorial had quadrupled in size with runners from all around the area adding their shoes to pay tribute to their fellow runner.




By the time we got back to the parking lot, we had run six miles. Jerome continued for four more miles which gave the Cruisers a total of 34 miles for Jaime.

Between the Cruisers and MRTT runners that morning – seven friends in total – we ran 57 miles for Jaime. It was the least we could do…


  • Questions:
  • Did you run miles for Jaime today?
  • Did you race today?
  • Who’s got fun plans this weekend?